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Explore the comprehensive range of veterinary care offerings at Clearbrook Animal Hospital, ensuring your pet's optimal health.
Wellness Examination
Our wellness exams include an extensive head-to-tail examination of your pet and a detailed medical history.
Vaccinations are recommended based on the age, health history, and living environment of your pet.
Our modern hospital and well trained surgical team allow us to offer a range of surgical procedures.
Laboratory Services
We perform most routine blood and urine tests in our own laboratory at the hospital, providing the fastest possible results
Medications and Supplements
We offer a full service pet pharmacy that provides medication and supplements carefully chosen for your pet’s specific needs.
Weight and Disease Management
We hear a lot about the health risks of human obesity, and unfortunately these same risks apply to overweight cats and dogs.
Our dental services include both preventative and curative care. We'll show you how to brush your pet’s teeth.
Parasite Prevention
The Companion Animal Parasite Council recommends year-round treatment for internal parasites.
Flea Prevention
Our recommendation is to use a monthly treatment that can eliminate fleas before they breed.
Veterinary Exclusive Diets
Tailored dietary plans and high-quality pet foods to meet your pet's unique nutritional needs.
Heart Testing (ECG)
In-house ECG services to monitor your pet's heart health and detect any potential cardiac conditions early.
X-ray Services
X-rays of your pet are taken at our hospital, are processed instantly, interpreted by our veterinarians, and stored in a digital format for future reference.
Behaviour Counselling
Expert behavior counseling to help manage and modify any problematic pet behaviors.
Pain Managment
Clearbrook Animal Hospital believes that proper pain assessment and individually tailored pain management plans are a vital part of overall disease and injury management.
Skin Conditions
Specialized treatments for a range of skin conditions, helping your pet maintain healthy skin and coat.
Reproductive Services
We offer laboratory screening tests, cesarean sections and litter exams.
Tattoo & Microchip Implantation
Our tattoo program is a BC-wide system used for easy identification and recovery of lost pets.

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We are open 7 days a week with a highly trained staff to offer advice and care designed for your pet's individual needs.
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